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group_hug.pngI’ve never met Gary Vaynerchuk (yet) but I like him more every day. His breathless delivery, his boundless excitement, his ridiculous energy level, and the sheer joyfulness of his message has won me and a lot of other people over. To see Gary in action, make sure to watch him training Conan O’Brien’s palate by making him eat dirt and socks.
The LA Times said it as well as anyone:

“If there is a go-to wine guy for today’s twentysomethings — assuming this herd of cats would follow anyone — that guy is Gary Vaynerchuk. His daily Wine Library TV video blogs at, part of the retail website for his parents’ Springfield, N.J., wine shop, are a hyperkinetic mix of serious wine knowledge and irreverent critiques… ”

Now Gary has a new idea (he has at least one good one every day since he’s been on my radar) – he wants everyone to write about good people and positive news all day today, April 3, 2008.
Ready? Group hug. :>)

I’m not into lists, so I’m not going to make any, but I want to say what I told a a friend who wants to start blogging last night.

You will never get anywhere if you don’t share what you know, openly and happily. Because knowledge, until it is shared, means nothing. He wanted to know how I grew my audience to the many thousands of you who follow this blog.
I told my friend: there are no shortcuts. You have to put your heart into what you do every single day, link to everyone who influences or informs what you write about, and keep going because you love sharing information.
A bigger audience, ad revenue may result, but attracting new clients, and meeting the most amazing, smart people in the world through blogs and social networks are the real rewards for putting your heart into blogging every day.

If you want to get in the mood to be successful and share the love, watch Gary explaining why we need to spread some good will today here I guarantee your day will be better as a result.
OK, now: group hug. :>)