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A&P Supermarkets is suing two young brothers, Mark and Matthew D’Avellas, who used to work in the produce department for a million dollars over a parody rap video they filmed in the store. It seems that neither side thought much about the probable outcome of their actions.
But c’mon A&P, what are you doing? Any time a big, powerful company sues a young person — rightly or wrongly — they get no sympathy. It’s the same heavy-handed crap corporations were known for before the communications revolution known as the Internet, and apparently no lessons have been learned. And, get this, A&P also cluelessly demands that the video be removed from the Internet.

Granted the brothers, who call themselves “The Beet Patrol” do some disgusting things with and to the produce. (But really, didn’t you always think this kind of stuff was happening anyway? That’s why you wash fruit and veggies before you eat them. And to get off the noxious chemicals.)

I wonder what they thought the outcome would be when they made the video at work, using company property, which they destroyed. They violated rules of discretion and common sense, and I have to wonder what made them think they had the right?
It would be one thing if A&P had hurt them in some way, but nothing like that is mentioned. So to the brothers, I say OH GROW UP you silly jerks.
Dear A&P: Nothing will actually ever be removed from the Internet. As long as you make the brothers into heroes, someone, somewhere, will keep that video online. Forever. You really need to get a clue.
The video has been viewed more than 60,000 times – so far – and it’s getting much more attention because of A&P’s dim move. What options did they have?
o They could have just fired the kids and let it go.
o They could have just ignored the incident.
o They could demand that the brothers put some kind of disclaimer on the video, although anything they say would also be kinda funny.
and here’s the one I’d vote for:
o They could hire the brothers to make funny ads for A&P and the other chains the company owns.
What do you think A&P should do now?
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