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ibrick.pngOh boy! It seems that scores thousands of people, who waited in line for days for an iPhone are having trouble getting AT&T to activate their phones — a problem that renders the phone an iBrick. An Engadget poll reports that 38% of iPhone buyers have iBricks!
Apple is said to have sold 1.5 million iPhones this weekend. That means there are a LOT of pissed off customers. And since so many are early adopters, like Steve Rubel and Thomas Hawk, many are singing their blues in well-read blogs. See why I told you to wait!
It’s being called iGate, and iPhone Hell, and those are the polite terms. Engadget explains “So yeah, long story short, there’s a few people out there left phoneless while AT&T gets its act together.”
Reports are here, here, here, here and here. Robert Scoble, the lucky duck, seems to have had a great experience. Ditto for Amanda Congdon.