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Steve Hall at Adrants and Joseph Jaffee at Jaffee Juice both condem Hilton Hotels for demanding that ad agencies give up their rights to all material created for the hotel’s $45 million agency review.
Calling the request bullshit, Jaffe calls the requirement “highway robbery and the worst possible insult to every last bit of integrity left in the ad business to have ideas from losing contenders implemented down the line.” He also suggests that the ad industry reply to this type of client request with a resounding “Fuck You!”
PR firms need to say the same thing. I’ve worked for agencies large and small. Big PR agencies spend thousands upon thousands to pitch new business, which also makes it impossible for small firns to compete. It is ridiculous for agencies to give away ideas without being paid.
I don’t know about you, but after they hired me, I have had many clients over the years hand me the proposals of other agencies they reviewed.