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The response by the Abercrombie & Fitch PR department to the continued hue and cry about its controversial soft-porn Christmas magalog has hit a new low. First it was parents and the religious right. Now their PR department has even managed to offend animal lovers and dogs. My dog, Sam, for example, is furious.

An A&F insider told NY Daily News “Lowdown” writer that the magalog was killed not because of conservative protests but because it was no longer an effective marketing tool.
“Circulation for the Christmas issue was off more than 50% and it had just run out of steam,” the source said. “What do you do when a dog becomes a cur? You put it to sleep?” definition of Cur:
1.A dog considered to be inferior or undesirable; a mongrel.
2. A base or cowardly person.
The PR department earlier refused comment to many news outlets and has continued to dig this bone deeper and deeper into a hole.
The company pulled the catalog after a storm of criticism including coverage on “60 Minutes” and “World News Tonight.” Of course the fact that the stock took a divde might also be called a cur.