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Here’s a truly evil new phising fraud: I got an email that looked like a Pay Pal email. It contained a receipt for a watch I didn’t buy. Among the giveaways beside the fact that is not a watch company site, the “To” address was “undisclosed recipients”:

Subject: Your payment has been sent to
Item: Omega Constellation Men{sic} Watch – mint
This email confirms that you have paid OMEGAMOVE ( $395.85 using Pay Pal.
The credit card transaction will appear on your bill as “PAYPAL OMEGAMOVE”
Shipping info: James Dickinson
184 Hadley Dr
Chicago, IL 60614

The psychology behind this scam is really nasty. They figure you will say “What! I didn’t buy that! I’m not James Dickinson” and that you will click on the link where you can “dispute transaction” you didn’t make, and tell the slime bucket scammers that you are not James Dickinson. Of course you have to give the lying pond scum your Pay Pal account information at that site.
That’s evil. PayPal confirms that the email is fraudulent, and says they are investigating.