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chickenblog.pngEvery once in a while, the blogs are dead, or A-list is dead meme rears its head, as it’s done recently. Don’t believe a word of it!
Blogs aren’t going anywhere. And some bloggers are always going to more popular than most others. Just as the printing press gave power to the people, blogs have given a cheap, easy, international and potentially effective voice to anyone who wants one.
The real issue isn’t blogging, it’s building an audience. That’s the hard part.
Those who manage to keep their blogs interesting and engaging for years on end; who have the skill and stamina to spend the time that frequent research and writing and participation in the blogosphere takes aren’t going anywhere. Consistently interesting bloggers join the A-list, and old ones leave or pretend to leave, but blogs as a medium are here to stay.
Cartoonist Doug Savage draws cartoons on sticky notes (hello 3M, here’s a content sponsorship opportunity) and also makes videos featuring the chickens and lots of everyday objects. In this one, he offers a check on the blego (blog + ego) that often plagues A-listers, including moi.
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Hat tip to Get Some Hairapy
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