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A June 4th article in Ad Age (subscription required) compiles some useful studies of the blogosphere, but, like most mainstream media articles about blogging, it largely misses the point about what really makes blogs influential. That got me thinking about what really makes a blog popular.
The article notes:

“[Blogs] have the power to send stock prices plummeting and influence the buying decisions of millions. Consumers count them as more credible than your advertising and e-mail marketing.”

And that’s absolutely true. But it’s not the 15 million active bloggers who have that kind of influence, it’s the top 5,000. They’re the only ones who are read by more than a handful of friends and family members.
little_creature.pngAd Age says:

About 15 million active blogs are read by 57 million people, a number that gives bloggers great credibility, power and influence as sources of information for everything from news to corporate reputations to product purchasing.

But those influential blogs are not the blogs written by teenagers. To influence decisions, impact on business, and grow an international following, a blog has to write about topics people want to read about, in a format that is interesting and compelling enough to make people come back on a regular basis.
The blogs that move markets are the ones that :

– are written by a blogger with high credibility in his/her field
– are well written
– are written for the readers, not just for the digerati
– acknowledge that the blogger doesn’t have all the answers
– asks readers for their opinions and input
– reflect the personality and style of the blogger so people know with whom they are having the pleasure
– has a sense of humor and doesn’t take itself too seriously
– has a high level of original content
– links to other interesting blogs and websites
– provides analysis that helps readers succeed
– has lots of examples that readers can apply
– is not afraid to have a strong point of view
– engages in conversation with readers who comment on posts
– is fun to read
– uses images to illustrate its points
– have short, pithy posts that are easy to read off a computer screen

What did I miss on this list? Please add to it.
Posted by B.L. Ochman