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Writers toil in isolation, so it’s always nice to get feedback from readers. Tonight, I got an email from Bret Stephenson of The Adolescent Mind accusing me of having “mostly inaccurate
information and an incorrect URL link” in my article on “10 Companies That Missed Blog Opportunities”
“There is no “they,” just me,” he wrote. “I am not slowly “branching out across the US” although I do consulting and occasionally travel.”
I wrote back to say that I thought it was he who’d mixed up his links since I’d never heard of him or his company, and had never written about them.
An hour later, another email arrived telling me “My friend with a less than perfect sense of humor did some cutting and pasting to give me an idea of how the Blog system might work for me…. He just wanted to stir up my slow migration to blogs a little.”
Hey, anything to spread the word about blogging. :>)