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BabyBird1.jpgI just did a check on Faith. No, not the religious kind. Faith is a tiny, newborn bird that my friend Anthony found while walking his dogs home from Carl Schurz Park. He’s kept her alive since Sunday, which seems to be a minor miracle according to what we’ve read online. I live down the hall, so I check on her every few hours and call Anthony with a report.
Anthony has Faith in a little glass vase on the stove, nestled in his sock. “She ate a pretty big breakfast,” he says, of hard boiled egg, and she was chriping this morning. She has no feathers, and her eyes aren’t open yet, but she’s a little fighter who gives you, well, faith. That’s not her in the photo, but that is her size. I don’t want to put a flash in her face, so you can get the idea from this little guy.
If you do that sort of thing, please say a prayer for Faith. We don’t realistically expect her to make it, but then again, we do believe in miracles.
UPDATE: Faith didn’t make it. She struggled valiantly, but she passed on last night, despite Anthony’s best efforts and my attempt to help. All you can do is try. Sigh.