I'm B.L. Ochman, and I've been helping Fortune 500 companies achieve spectacular results by strategically incorporating emerging media into their marketing mix since 1996.

I contribute to Ad Age Digital Next, Mashable, Business Week and others.

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I am co-founder of the pet lovers' site and blog, Pawfun.com - where you can create and send free photo e-cards of your pets.

Twitter Archives

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Occupy Wall St: citizen journalists and buggy whips
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50% off Likeable U Conference for What’s Next Readers
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Dear Verizon & Time-Warner – social media’s got your numbers
In Defense of Social Media: it’s not dead, or dying
Lessons from the 10 most viral brands of 2010
Social CRM, Part 2 – MediaTemple’s Heroic Measures for a Damsel in Distress
Social CRM – Thank you Ben & Jerry’s: a brand that’s social, for real, (and MediaTemple, for trying)
Self-proclaimed social media guru count growth slows: new titles emerge
Some Social Media Search Tools I Like: I’ll show you mine if you show me yours.
Why Most of Fortune 10 Still Hiding Social Media Involvement from their homepages
Nestle’s, Greenpeace, and Facebook fans in (unnecessary) food fight
Hey Old Spice and Time Warner! You were the laughing stock of social media week new york
#socialmedia Tweet Chat #45 – The fear factor: Shift Happens
2010 Social Media Week NYC: My Schedule & Recommended Events
Linchpin: BL Ochman Interviews Seth Godin about how to be indispensable
What’s Next Blog Interview: Suzanne Lowe on how to keep corporate silos from impeding success. Just move past them!
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Why I Heart Twitter More Each Day
Yet More Reasons Why Twitter Rocks
Is Twitter a Fad? Is George Bush Stupid?
Is Twitter a Fad? Like Blogging? Ha Ha!
Twitter: the Latest Addictive Social Media Tool

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