I'm B.L. Ochman, and I've been helping Fortune 500 companies achieve spectacular results by strategically incorporating emerging media into their marketing mix since 1996.

I contribute to Ad Age Digital Next, Mashable, Business Week and others.

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I am co-founder of the pet lovers' site and blog, Pawfun.com - where you can create and send free photo e-cards of your pets.

PR Cluelessness Archives

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How Beyonce’s publicist made a not so bad situation worse
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Dear Zuck: Turnaround is fair play. How do you like it?
PR People of Earth – get a clue
B.L. Ochman’s Blogger Outreach Manifesto
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PR Pitch from Hell: The Dumbest PR Mistake Ever?
Etiquette 2.0
My Favorite Thing a PR Person Ever Told Me
PR Industry Leaders Put Their Feet in Their Mouths at Critical Issues Forum
The Formula for Successful Viral Campaigns. Not!
Denny’s Contest Has No Entries. Dear Denny’s: We Won’t Work for Food.
BusinessWeek Forays Into Social Media Signal Publishing’s Future
This is the World’s Worst PR Pitch
Dear Flak: This Pitch Sucks
Why Social Media – And Andrés Bianciotto – Rock and Why PR Week & Adicio Still Suck
PR People Please Take This Quiz Before Sending Another Pitch or Press Release
The Myth of Not Cultivating Bloggers
Kleenex Brings Fake Therapist to Times Square for Tearjerker, Gets Hosed
Windows Fanatics: Vista Wow! Does Not Start Now
Bulldog Reporter: Finger Not on the Pulse

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