I'm B.L. Ochman, and I've been helping Fortune 500 companies achieve spectacular results by strategically incorporating emerging media into their marketing mix since 1996.

I contribute to Ad Age Digital Next, Mashable, Business Week and others.

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I am co-founder of the pet lovers' site and blog, Pawfun.com - where you can create and send free photo e-cards of your pets.

Interviews Archives

This may be the nicest thing anyone’s ever said about me :)
Beyond Social Media Show # 24: Home Depot’s racist Tweet, Dolphins’ Bully, YouTube policy backlash
Martha Stewart’s Big Blogger Blunder; Tide’s Scary Vines; apps and stats you need – Beyond Social Media Show
Fox News Brand Jacking; Google’s New Privacy Policy & Hummingbird Update – Beyond Social Media Show
Join us Tues, Oct 1 at 2 PM EST for 1/2 hour live Google+ Hangout on Air with The Beyond Social Media Show
While brands & gurus whine, White House holds Google+ Geek Week Hangout
Beyond Social Media Google Hangout, Episode 2: Aliens, Despots, TicTacs & Shiny New Stuff
Amy’s Baking Company: the most epic social media fail EVER
#Deadgiveaway Not Funny, Space Rock, EPIC Social Media FAIL – Call Beyond Social Media podcast tonight, 9:30 EDT
“Beyond Social Media” tonight, 9:30 pm EST
Nancy Schwartzman: a force for social change, and, hopefully, an inspiration for brands
Tweeting the Revolution: How social media is giving Egyptian activists a voice the world can hear
What’s Next Blog Interview: Suzanne Lowe on how to keep corporate silos from impeding success. Just move past them!
How Companies Can Get Started in Social Media Marketing
Google VP, Father of the Internet, Dr. Vint Cerf: This I Believe
You Know It’s a Slow News Day When….
Pluck Syndicates Blog Content to Mainstream Media
Six Apart Gets $12 Million From VCs to Do What Delphi Forums Has Already Quietly and Successfully Done
I’m Interviewed About Blog Marketing in On the Record Podcast
Sun-Sentinal: Blogs Are Big Business
Journalist Blogs His Pitch-to-Paycheck Process for New Media Age Feature On Up Your Budget Treasure Hunt
Seth Godin Tells e-Consultancy His Top 5 2006 Predictions
GM Vice-Chariman Bob Lutz Podcasts About SUVs and His Passion for Blogging
Shel Israel: Blogging Is Becoming Ruder Than Talk Radio, Despite Its Openness and Possibility
Blogging of Interview Raw Materials Changes Journalism
Interview: Hugh Macleod of GapingVoid, Poster Child for Unemployed Creative Types Seeking Blog Fame and Fortune
Got the I’ve Been Misquoted in Business Week Blues
One More for a Hat Trick
Successful Blogger Interview: Stephan Spencer on How to Build Blog Audiences
Ex CNN Reporter Rebecca MacKinnon: English Language Blogs Have Narrow World View
What’s Next Blog Interviews With Successful Bloggers: JD Lasica, Busiest Man in the Blogosphere?
What’s Next Blog’s Interviews with Successful Bloggers. Seth Godin: Don’t Take Blogging Too Seriously
What’s Next Blog’s Successful Bloggers Interviews: Alice Marshall on How to Use a Blog to Get Clients
What’s Next Blog’s Successful Bloggers Interviews: Steve Hall of Adrants on How to Pay the Mortgage Blogging
Rent-A-Kvetch on Canadian TV News’ Marketplace on Sunday Night
PR Is Not a “Rabbit in a Hat” Service
Aspenbloom Pet Channel Interviews Me and Sammy
I’m Featured in PR Week Interview on Global PR Blog Week
30,000 Attend MoveOn.Org House Parties to Hear Michael Moore Speak
Airhead’s Airhead Publicist Goes (Very) Public

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