I'm B.L. Ochman, and I've been helping blue chip companies incorporate new media into their marketing mix since 1996.

I'm an accomplished and expert digital strategist, certified YouTube Channel Creator, president of whatsnextonline.com and publisher of multiple award-winning What's Next Blog.

I create live-streaming events and social video content for leading brands, associations and agencies.

I co-host and produce the award-winning weekly Beyond Social Media Show

I contribute to Ad Age Digital Next, Social Media Today and others. On Twitter, I'm @whatsnext. Find me on Google+

Business Ethics Archives

You Will Never Be Asked to Pay for Legitimate News Coverage
#AskTrump Twitter Debacle, Lady GaGa’s Viral Video; #PigGate
Maurico Luque Steals My Content
Google & GoPro Team Up for Virtual Reality
Four NYC Rabbis Arrested, FTC Warns Agencies, Subway Dancing
Coke’s Social Media Guard, AT&T’s Home Security & A Load Of Crap
Mashable Disses Google+, Facebook Jumps the Shark, Rodman Rants: Beyond Social Media Show # 31
A very personal response to Hyundai’s “Pipe Job” – the most disgusting car ad EVER
BurgerKing social media team caught napping as @Anonymous ?? hacks BK Twitter account
Dear Dog.com: Here are the top three reasons why forcing Facebook “Likes” is a bad – and prohibited – idea
Chase Community Giving Contest becomes poster child for what not to do in corporate philanthropy
Exclusive: Cheating accusations made in Chase Community Giving Contest. AGAIN.
Staples demonstrates how not to do customer relationship management
How – and why – to protect yourself from Google’s new privacy & search policies
Zappos to hacked customers: we’re here to help! Facebook to hacked customers: Screw you!
What’s Next Blog’s First Annual Pissoffy Awards
Ethics Crisis Blog is baaack! Confess your ethical transgressions *anonymously* (really) and we’ll vote on how bad you are
Dear Verizon & Time-Warner – social media’s got your numbers
Mark Zuckerberg: Why are you hiding? Entrepreneurs are already creating privacy solutions as Facebook’s Zuckerberg stays mum
Nestle’s, Greenpeace, and Facebook fans in (unnecessary) food fight
Marketing Personalization for fun and profit – a study in contrast
Artist John T Unger, Creator of Artisanal Firebowls, Sued in Federal Court by Imitator, Needs Help Raising Legal Defense Funds in Case With Far-Reaching Implications
Nike Denies Vick Endorsement – But Denial Rings Hollow
Forrester: Sponsored Conversation is Here to Stay. Get Over It
My Proposal – Bloggers Should Pay Readers per Post
Does Your Company Have a Social Media Participation Policy? IBM & Sun Do
AP vs Blogger BrouHaHa – New Realities for Old Media
Kellogg’s Responds to Food Police – Are They Caving or Helping?
Hyundai-Sponsored Comedy Central Site Removes Insensitive Homeless Joke
New Yorker Hoses Edelman in Article on Wal-Mart PR
Hey Splenda! You Missed Splenda-Sucks.com
South Korea Writing Robot Code of Ethics
NY Medical College Refuses to Send Me Official Statement on Live Dog Teaching Procedures
Microsoft Uses Wal-Mart Flog Defense in Wikigate
Windows Fanatics: Vista Wow! Does Not Start Now
Microsoft Laptopgate Continues
Now Microsoft Wants Their Laptops Back
Edelman Has New Ethics Scandal Brewing With Microsoft’s Blogger Bribe Campaign
Media Post: Edelman Urged To Overhaul Wal-Mart Flogs
Wal-Mart Edelman Fake Blog Story is Far From Over
Arrington and The Pitch From Hell
WOMMA: Better Late Than Never?
Richard Edelman Defends Wal-Mart Flogs
Edelman and Social Media – The Emperor Has No Clothes
Strike Two for Edelman PR as Their Second Fake Wal-mart Blog is Revealed
Intellectual Property Issues HeatingUp in Social Media and Virtual Reality
PRSA Bans All Media From Its Ethics Teleseminars
Under Fire, ABC TV Yanks Blog About Slanted 9/11 “Docudrama”
Fake MySpace Pages by Advertisers Are Totally Lame
The Quote Whore – More Honest Than Many Publicists
Leaks About Dell Battery Recall Forced Uncoordinated Anouncements
Wall St Journal: Exxon Mobil PR Firm Behind “Inconvenient Truth” YouTube Spoof
Cadbury Goes for Total Message Control in Product Recall
Business Blogs Need a Sense of Humor
PR News Social Responsibility Survey Has an Ethics Problem
Why Would Any Agency Want to Be Wal-Mart’s PR Firm?
Ethics Crisis Blog Nets Top Search Placement In Just a Week
My New Blog, Ethics Crisis, Launches Today
Dupont Requires Vendors to Follow WOMMA Code of Ethics
Anatomy of a Rumor Shows Why They Call Blogs NEW Media
PRSA Issue Pork-Barrel Press Release and Letter to FCC
Publicist Asks Rubel to Take Down Post. He Says No (Of Course)
Commerce Bank: Unethical Customer Policy, Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire!
Amanda Chapel: Fishing for Comments
Teenager Foils Google News With Fake Press Release
Wal-Mart: Desperately seeking ethics


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