I'm B.L. Ochman, and I've been helping Fortune 500 companies achieve spectacular results by strategically incorporating emerging media into their marketing mix since 1996.

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I am co-founder of the pet lovers' site and blog, Pawfun.com - where you can create and send free photo e-cards of your pets.

Case Studies Archives

Beyond Social Media Show # 26 – Twerking Turkeys, Epic Splits, YouTube Shutdown
Beyond Social Media Show # 24: Home Depot’s racist Tweet, Dolphins’ Bully, YouTube policy backlash
Dell Smells: Dell Finally Agrees to Fix Laptops That Smell Like Cat Pee
Beyond Social Media Show Episode 3 – Daredevils, Strange Protests, Shiny Objects You Can Use & Lots More
How viral video helped sell 2.5 million Orabrush tongue cleaners and crowdsource funds for the new Orapup dog breath cure
Chase Community Giving Contest becomes poster child for what not to do in corporate philanthropy
Exclusive: Cheating accusations made in Chase Community Giving Contest. AGAIN.
Job seekers are turning to clever, sometimes wacky tactics. Do they work?
A cure for boring marketing and white paper detritus
What’s Next Blog’s First Annual Pissoffy Awards
What brands can learn from Airbnb’s reputation management disaster
Social CRM, Part 2 – MediaTemple’s Heroic Measures for a Damsel in Distress
Hey Old Spice and Time Warner! You were the laughing stock of social media week new york
The only two questions you need to ask your prospective social media agency
Recap of PMA 2011 Fast Forward Conference & Ultralight Startups Entrepreneurs Forum: a study in contrasts, pizza & pickles, & my longest post ever
A Tale of Two Contests Using Social Media – One Stinks, One’s Cute
“Happy Joel” Levinson Makes a Living Winning Video Contests by Marketing His Entries Better Than Companies Market Their Contests
Starbucks Social Media Monitoring & Community Help It Survive Brand Attack
How to Make a Video Contest Succeed – or Suck
Subway v Quiznos – Nobody Wins in User Generated Content War
Can Social Media to Change the World? You Bet!
Social Media Marketing: Who’s Full of Hot Air? Who’s The Real Deal?
Stormhoek’s Blue Monster Reserve for Microsoft Arrives on the Cluetrain
Kryptonite Lock: You’ve (Ever So Slowly) Come a Long Way Baby!
Voting Brouhaha in Karen Quinn Contest Could Become Plot of Her Next Novel
Case Study: The First Up Your Budget Campaign in 2005, Created by B.L. Ochman
Dell’s Stock Plummets: Customer Service Cited. Where’s Michael Dell?
Top Bloggers Share Their Favorite Research Tools
Teenager Foils Google News With Fake Press Release
What’s Next: Include Your Brand Name in Every Post for RSS Feeds, Says MarketingSherpa
I’m Interviewed About Blog Marketing in On the Record Podcast
Specialist: ADD is an Advantage in High Tech Careers
Who Says Blogs Don’t Make Money?
Kryptonite Locks Tells Their Side of the Story, At Last
What’s Next Blog’s Successful Bloggers Interviews: Steve Hall of Adrants on How to Pay the Mortgage Blogging
Bloggers Propel a Dumb Mistake to Warp Speed
Technorati and PubSub Disagree on the Number of Blogs Online
Rent-A-Kvetch on Canadian TV News’ Marketplace on Sunday Night
Lo and Behold: Dell Showed Up! Here’s a Guide to Effective Complaining
Dell Tech Support Sucks
Nooked to Switch to Rss Feeds and Blog to Communicate with Bloggers
I’ve Pissed Off Some Publicists
Google and Yahoo! Results Show Power of Blogs
Bloggers Convince PRSA to Add Blogging Workshop to PRSA 2004 Conference
PRSA Conference Flap Update — I Certainly Have Their Attention :>)
Chinese Falun Gong Followers Stage Harrowing Demonstration at NY City Hall
Oprah Show Car Giveaway Proves Again That PR Trumps Advertising
Warner Brothers Records Makes Classic PR Mistakes Approaching MP3 Music Bloggers
Blogs Still Mystify: 10 Companies That Missed Blog Opportunities
Hey Burger King — Give the Subservient Chicken Something to Do and Can Ugoff!
TIME’s “Meet Joe Blog” Is Best Article About Blogging Yet!
Consumer rage over iPod mini e-tailer sites
Disgruntled Former Employees May Use the Internet for Revenge
Rowenta Sponsors Extreme Ironing Sport and Website
Ditties: Dumb Name, Smart Tampon Marketing
Playboy Seeks Home Depot “Hotties”
Ford: Cat Killed in Ad Agency’s Bowels. Yeah, Right!
Burger King’s Funky Chicken Is Cool But the Press Release Lays an Egg
Airhead’s Airhead Publicist Goes (Very) Public
Burger King Has Fun With Subservient Chicken Viral Campaign
Novels Are The Newest Frontier for Product Placements
One Small Step for Man, One Giant Step For Giant Shrimp. Oy!
Study Proves The Obvious: Bloggers Plagarize. But the Problem is a Lot Bigger Than That
MoveOn.Org Uses Email to Generate 4,000 Visits to Ask Congressmen and Senators to Censure Bush
Totally Clueless PR Pitch of the Month
Confounded Bullshit Station Still Refuses to Run MoveOn Commercial
MoveOn.Org’s New PR Firm Issues Rambling 674-Word Release
Microsoft Bullies Teenager’s Site Down
In PR Faux Pas, Symantec Shifts Blame, Pisses Off Customers
PETA Gives Birth to Baby PETA
What’s After Mad Cow? Attack of the Killer Tomatoes?
Star Spangled Ice Cream for Conservatives With The Munchies
Think mad cow disease is scary? Wait til you hear PR experts’ advice to the beef industry
Naked People Tip Pizza Guys More and Other Slow News Day Surveys
Mattel PR Score in Lawsuit Against Artist: Zero
Potato Chips, Candy Bars and Software Now Available in Vending Machines
DaimlerChrylser Xmas Stunt Makes the NY Times and Misses Multi-Media Opportunity

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