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By B.L. Ochman
Ok boys and girls, it’s time for What’s Next Blog’s semi-annual count of self-proclaimed social media gurus, ninjas, stars and specialists. We find that the tide has ever so slightly slowed – perhaps because of the derision heaped on said gurus by legions of bloggers – including this one – and this infamous (hilarious) YouTube sendup.

Back in January 2010, the social media guru brigade was multiplying like rabbits, causing one reader to quip that within three years, everyone on Twitter would be a social media guru.
How to tell the real social media experts
We expanded our search to include both Tweepsearch and Follower Wonk, which search the bios of Tweeters for keywords. While our total gurus et al was 15,740 six months ago, it is now 17,283 according to Tweepsearch and 12,698 according to Follower Wonk.
hugh-SMS.jpgAnd we added three new categories, as these terms are currently in vogue:
Tweepsearch Twitter Wonk
- digital strategist 711 1,103
- digital agency 1,356 2,067
- change agent 678 858
But here’s the bottom line: social media strategists who are the real deal have:
- clients
- case studies
- results
The count for those experts has yet to reach the hundreds.
Cartoon: Hugh Macleod