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totocampaign.pngWe first wrote about the $5000 Toto Washlet back in 2004. Toto calls its toilet a “life enhancing,” “must-have lifestyle product. I don’t know about that. But their new website, Clean Is Happy is certainly entertaining. There, the owners of the tushies displayed on the home page tell you much, much more than you ever wanted to know about fancy toilets.
Astoundingly, for a company that apparently believes too much ain’t enough, there is no blog. Hey Toto: get busy!
Adrants reports that “on July 1, giant, naked asses with smiles on them will emblazon a two-story, three-sided billboard in New York’s Times Square for toilet maker Toto Washlet. It’s all to promote the company’s miraculous toilet, bidet and ass blow dryer contraption.”
Posted by B.L. Ochman